2020 ULA Registration

Registration is now open for the 2020 season!  You can register here by downloading the three (3) forms below and mailing them, with payment, to:

Rob Axelson

1870 Ballina Road

Cazenovia, NY 13035.




Please register ASAP so we can determine how many teams to field at each grade level group this upcoming season.

For those that are new to the program the Boys game schedule usually consists of 6 games beginning in June that end mid to late July.  We will begin practices after Spring Break in April.  If weather permits, we may hold a few informal practices prior to the break week.  The 3/4 grade team(s) will practice Monday’s and Thursday’s and games will replace practice on Monday’s starting in June.  The 5/6 team(s) will follow the same schedule with games on Tuesday’s replacing the Monday practice starting in June.  The 7/8 grade team(s) typically play games on Wednesday’s and have a practice on another evening during the week as well.  If you have a 7/8 grade level player I encourage you to have them play modified lacrosse for the school this season.  The modified program usually ends just about the time when 7/8 ULA games begin.  There won’t be much availability for 7/8 ULA practice prior to the first game.  Please direct all questions regarding the upcoming Boys ULA season to:

Mike Johnson (lionlumber@aol.com)

The Girls schedule typically consists of games for the 3/4 team(s)on Monday’s, 5/6 team(s)on Tuesday’s and 7/8 team(s)on Wednesday’s with a practice on another evening during the week as well. Please direct all questions regarding the upcoming Girls ULA season to:

Jon Stromer-Galley (jon.stromer.galley@gmail.com)

Boys equipment requirements include a mouth piece, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow/arm pads, gloves and cleats.  Girls require a mouth piece, goggles and cleats.

You will receive an email with more information on practice dates/times, game schedules and an opening day practice/clinic (likely held on a Friday evening or Saturday morning) where will we have an equipment exchange (bins to donate or swap sizes), lunch and instructional stations setup.

Please visit (and “like”) our facebook page (Cazenovia Youth Lacrosse Association) for more information throughout the season.

Thank you,

Mike Johnson